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Social Nightmare
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Messages from Kirsten

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On December 14th 2011, Kirsten wrote:

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone’s year has brought insight, love, and positivity. Thank you so much for your support – it is so strengthening to have so many wonderful people in my corner. Some the highlights of my 2011 were booking The Lying Game and getting to know the wonderful city of Austin, reading Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser and applying her very positive life philosophy to my every day life, and taking more time for myself while also balancing time with family and friends. Getting to know the cast and crew of TLG has been a privilege, and I’ve made some great friends this year. 2011 is ending on a fantastic note – I’ve just moved into my beautiful new home, booked some fun courses in the new year (going to try my hand at pottery like my grandmother and grandfather), and am heading back to Vancouver to visit my family for the holidays.

2012 promises to be one of opportunity, growth, and new beginnings. I hope everyone takes this time over the holidays to rest, love, and be reminded of their own unique talents and capabilities. Try picking up a new hobby or taking an art course you always wanted to take but never felt like you were “good enough.” Don’t wait until things are all lined up – it may not be the perfect time but it might be a beautifully imperfect! As Brené Brown said, “Comparison is the thief of happiness.” Don’t focus on the gifts and abilities of others, how externally valuable something is deemed to be. Take some time to look inward and find joy in recovering the playful, artistic adventure that came so naturally in childhood. For those of you who have read The Gifts of Imperfection, this probably all sounds strikingly similar – yes, I read that too this year! It was a Eureka moment for me when I was reunited with the concept of self growth versus betterment of the self for others. I’ll be taking a deep breath, giving my loved ones a big hug, and taking some time to play this holiday season. I hope you guys can find time to do the same.

With that, I look forward to popping back up on your screens as Char Chamberlin on The Lying Game and as Alex Bell from Super Psycho as well as some brand new characters. Stay tuned in the new year – with the premiere of My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 3 and TLG, I’ll definitely be seeing everyone around, and I hope a few new projects that I’m in contention for come to pass as well.

All my love,


On April 27th, 2011 Kirsten wrote her first message for Kirsten-Prout.Net:

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to give a big warm thank you to all my fans for your patience while I prepare to play Char on The Lying Game! I’m up North visiting family, watching playoff hockey, getting my little butt kicked by a trainer to prepare physically, and getting ready to work, work, work. I’m so thrilled to be partners with ABC Family, all of our wonderful writers, my talented castmates, and Sara Brooks on this new adventure. It’s so exciting to be on a show that follows in the footsteps of the fantastic Pretty Little Liars, but with it’s own unique style and story. Making the most of the calm before the storm is a reminder of how important balance is in this industry, and I wanted to reach out to all of you beautiful people before times get hectic with the show. I’ll have some very exciting news about the series in the near future, and absolutely love chatting with all of you guys on Twitter. Please keep in touch, it’s so nice to stay current with all you guys as well as keep you posted on the pertinent issues of my highly complex life… for example, my passionate love of Nutella. I know, life changing topics. Hope everyone is happy, healthy, and full of love.



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