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Interviews that are no longer available online

(except here on Kirsten-Prout.net, of course)

Karine Augur (editor in chief of Teen People and Starlight Magazines) interviewed Kirsten 2010

(with thanks to Karine for her translation from the original French version for our website)

After beginning her career in « Elektra » next to Jennifer Garner and becoming famous thanks to the TV show « Kyle XY”, Kirsten Prout comes back on the big screen this summer in “Eclipse”. Interview of one of Hollywood most promising actress…

1 – You just finished filming “My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2”; can you tell us a little bit about the movie and your character?

It was a lot of fun, really great. I originally auditioned for the first movie to be the brat; and then I ended up working during the time, and not even getting it because I didn’t have that bleach-blond, orange skin they were looking for to play the mean girl. But then this script came along and the character was very fragile and unstable and very dark… which I love to play, because it’s further than myself. I’m always cast as the sunny girl-next-door… so when a script comes along and enables me to go to that place, I love doing it! It is supposed to come out on October 21st, just before Halloween!

2 – You were also in « Eclipse » this summer…

It was amazing. When I first auditioned it was for the character Bree, which is a larger character obviously, but it was the character of a 13 years old, brunette… completely off the mark for me. But the casting director is such a sweetheart, I’ve worked with him since I was 10 years old and he was like “I’ve got a character, she’s blonde, she’s got the same look as you…” So I did this character and it was such a blessing! I usually don’t do small parts like this but then I looked at the project and next thing I know I was on the New Moon red carpet, then the Eclipse red carpet, and I’ll be on the Breaking Dawn one. It’s a great franchise to be in and I had fun meeting everyone.

3 – The coverage around the movie is unreal! Have you ever seen anything like it before?

I had paparazzi and everything on set before when I was filming « Elektra » with Jennifer Garner, she had just done “13 Going on 30” and all that kind of stuff so we had to deal with that on set but it was nothing like Twilight! With Twilight you have these huge barriers, you have to wear bathrobes between scenes, paparazzi are chasing people around, the actors cannot come out of their apartment because of the flashes … I’ve never seen anything like it. And then you go to the premiere, and the fans have been lining up for weeks. I’m like “shouldn’t you guys be in school?” [Laughs]

4 – In France, fans know you mostly because of « Kyle XY ». Did you keep in touch with any of the cast members?

Absolutely! I actually run into Jean-Luc all the time because he lives in LA and so do I.

5 – It must be easier for an actress to be in LA than Vancouver indeed…

Yeah, the thing is… I got my start in Vancouver; it was easier because it’s a lot less competitive, it easier to build a very strong resume. So you do guest-starring and everything but when you want to work in feature films, you have to go back and forth all the time and every casting for the big projects are in the United States. For me, it just seems like a logical step in my career. After I’ve done Twilight, after filming “Kyle XY” in Vancouver for so many years,… which was very rare to get a lead on a American TV Show being filmed in Canada. It’s not common. It was a logical step for me and so far I’ve being loving it. It’s a busy city for sure but for work it’s exactly what I need.

6 – Are you still a student at the McGill University ?

I’m not taking classes even though I’m still technically enrolled. I’m taking a break but I’m not sure if I would go back. I was an English Literature major while I was there and I love Montreal so it was fantastic. At one point I had to choose between “Eclipse” and a lead in a mini-series or go back to school so I was like “you can come back to school at any point in your life but you can’t do both”.

7 – Your parents don’t have anything to do with the industry. How did you start your career so young?

It’s actually a funny story because I started watching Disney Movie and I decided that I wanted to be a princess. So I told my mom and she was like “Oh that’s nice” you know, whatever… and then when I grew up, I kind of figured out that it was something that I could do if I was an actress. So by the time I was 8, I was really pushing her and she was like “no, the rejection, the pressure… it’s going to be awful for you”. But I think the great part about me starting so young is that there was no risk. It didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to university or I didn’t study. It was not a gamble. I went in this industry when I didn’t have to pay rent, I didn’t have to feed myself, I didn’t have to support anybody… So my mom opened the yellow pages and we found a bunch of agents and agencies and we sent my headshots, and the first agent we met we signed with him. It’s crazy to think about it knowing what I know now, because we were lucky to find an agent that was legitimate and happened to be the top agency in Vancouver. We had no idea. It was circumstances, and luck and having the support of my agent and my parents.

8 – You never regretted not having a normal high school experience.

Well, even if I wasn’t acting I would not have had a normal high school experience, just because I was always really awkward in school and I was always really bullied. I joke with my friends that I’m a great eaves dropper because I spent so many lunches at a lunch table listening to other people’s conversation and not having one. High school was hard for me for sure so I don’t regret it. I’ve learned so much. I had really good teachers on set that inspired me so much. I always had more friends within my teachers than within my peers. I’m just not a conventional person. I think it comes from being ambitious at a young age.