Welcome to the Official Kirsten Prout fansite. Your first and only resource for everything Kirsten Prout. You may know her from Elektra, Kyle XY, My Super Psycho Sweet 16, as vampire Lucy in Twilight 'Eclipse', The Lying Game and other TV shows. Thank you for visiting our site and for being a fan of our favorite actress! Feel free to contact us for questions or comments. Enjoy your stay!
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November 2017

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Latest projects
Woman Of The House
Genre: Comedy
Status: Completed
Release Date: PixL Channel 10-7-17

Even Lambs Have Teeth
Genre: Feature Film
Status: Completed
Release Date: Available on iTunes

Wrong Girl aka Fatal Friends
Genre: TV Movie, Drama
Status: Completed
Release Date: 2015

Joyride 3: End Of The Road
Genre: Movie, Horror
Status: Available now on DVD

Social Nightmare
As Cat
Genre: Movie, Drama
Previous Title: Offline
Status: Completed
Release Date: Aired 2013 Now available on DVD as "Mother"

No Clue
As Reese
Genre: Movie, Comedic Mystery Thriller
Status: Completed
Release Date: Available now on DVD

As Nicole
Genre: Movie, Horror
Status: Completed
Release Date: unknown

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Kirsten-Prout.net was created by a few of Kirsten’s fans who met on kylexy.net, a fansite for the TV series Kyle XY. The original fansite for Kirsten, kirstenprout.webs.com, was created in 2009 by Lauren (USA) (singingxoxo on kylexy.net) who felt that Kirsten deserved a fansite of her own for the many fans she gained with her talented portrayal of Amanda on Kyle XY.
Kirsten (Amanda), Matt Dallas (KyleXY) and Jaimie Alexander (JessieXX) were the main cast members with Kirsten doing a superb job as the girl next door competing with the genetically enhanced but disturbed Jessie for Kyle’s attention. When Lauren found she didn’t have enough time to look after kirstenprout.webs.com, two fans from kylexy.net agreed to run the site.

The first was our admin, kxyfan (Karen) from Texas, USA who had connected with Kirsten on MySpace and is the driving force and owner of the current website. One of Kirsten’s biggest fans, Karen keeps in contact with a representative of Kirsten to make sure our site is up to date on the latest news on Kirsten and her career.

Our other admin was Canajun_eh from Toronto, Canada who created a fan thread on kylexy.net, called “The Guild of Amanda Adorers” to recognize Kirsten’s strong contribution to the show. He felt that Kirsten wasn’t getting the credit she deserved on kylexy.net forums where Matt Dallas has a very strong fan group and many of Kirsten’s fans agreed with him. Although Canajun_eh is no longer with the site, we will always be grateful to him for helping us get the site up and running.

Early in 2011, we were planning to move our fansite to fansites.org and we were delighted that Kirsten agreed to designate us as her “Official Fansite”. The site was created in consultation with Kirsten and with the invaluable technical support and input from our friends Hayley (the creator of “The Essential Matt Dallas Forum” http://mdallas.net and zacharylevifan.com) from England and Patty from the Netherlands. Without them the site would never have gotten on the net and they provide ongoing support and advice for the site. Patty stepped into an admin role soon after we started the site and continues in that role today. We can’t say enough how thankful we are for the invaluable help that Hayley continues to provide our site.

Kirsten-Prout.net is the best place on the web for Kirsten’s fans to keep updated. We have the most complete gallery of photos and videos documenting Kirsten’s acting career including many from her early work. We’re still hunting for the missing ones and if you have any that are not in our galleries, we’d love to have them. Kirsten’s career is growing every day so stay tuned here for news on all her latest projects.

Thanks for visiting Kirsten-Prout.net Your comments and suggestions to improve the site are always welcome.