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Fatal Friends
Genre: TV Movie, Drama
Status: Post Production
Release Date: Tentatively 2014

Joyride 3: End Of The Road
Genre: Movie, Horror
Status: Available now on DVD

Social Nightmare
As Cat
Genre: Movie, Drama
Previous Title: Offline
Status: Completed
Release Date: Aired 2013 Now available on DVD as "Mother"

No Clue
As Reese
Genre: Movie, Comedic Mystery Thriller
Status: Completed
Release Date: Available now on DVD

As Nicole
Genre: Movie, Horror
Status: Completed
Release Date: unknown

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Fans Share Recent Pics of Kirsten September 2nd, 2014

Kirsten was doing some shopping in the Hollywood area last month and two lucky fans spotted her. @jenniferh2525 said that she saw Kirsten outside a store and she was very nice. Kirsten posed for this pic with her:

8-24-2014 9-46-28 PMr

@shannonbryana also ran into Kirsten on that same day in the same mall at a smoothie/shake shop. She said she had met Kirsten once before and asked if Kirsten remembered, and she did! They had met at a taping of some sort and Kirsten named the event before Shannon did so she knew that she did indeed remember her. She said Kirsten was super sweet. Here is Shannon’s pic:

9-1-2014 12-36-50 PMr

We love hearing stories like this about our favorite actress. She has always been so sweet to her fans and it is always good to hear that she has not changed. If you have met Kirsten and have a pic to share, please let us know! We would love to share your story and pic with all of Kirsten’s fans.

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Fatal Friends August 1st, 2014

Kirsten recently completed her work on this film and has returned to LA.  We haven’t been able to find pics from the shoot except for these two pics.  One is from a girls night out during filming and the other is a screen shot from the film.  We will continue to search for more pics and will post them as soon as they are available.



7-24-2014 8-56-28 PMr

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New Project: “Fatal Friends” July 12th, 2014

Kirsten is in Vancouver working on a new project called Fatal Friends. There isn’t much information available on the project but IMDB has it listed as a TV movie drama that will be released later this year. The only cast listed on IMDB is Sarah Grey who is on twitter @sarah_grey8.  Also appearing in the movie is Jamie Luner who is also on twitter @JamieMLuner.  Not sure whether Jason Bourque is directing or writing or both on the project but he is also on twitter @Jason Bourque1.  As we are able to find out more about the project we will post it!

Don’t forget that you can now buy Kirsten’s latest projects “No Clue” and “Joy Ride 3″ online.  The reviews for both movies have been great!

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Vancouver Visit July 3rd, 2014

Kirsten recently returned home to Vancouver, Canada to celebrate Canada Day on July first and, more importantly, to celebrate her mothers birthday on July Second. From their tweets, it seems they had a great time. Kirsten shared this photo yesterday with the caption “It’s my last night in Vancouver. So fresh and so green!”

Safe travels Kirsten!

7-3-2014 8-02-50 AMr

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Desert Vacation June 16th, 2014

Last month Kirsten and her family enjoyed a few weeks at a desert retreat. Kirsten’s mom was kind enough to share some night time photos she took of her daughters. Your guess is as good as ours as to which one is Kirsten and which one is her sister but they sure seemed to be having a good time during their night time swim!




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Two Movies With Kirsten Out On DVD! May 17th, 2014

Yes! You read that right! On June 17th two movies that Kirsten had a part in will be available for sale on Amazon.com!! One is a horror movie which is the highly anticipated sequel to the Joyride series and the other is a comedy written by Brent Butt. You can spend some quality movie watching time seeing Kirsten in a horror flick then follow it with seeing her in a comedy or vice versa. Either way, it sounds like a great way to spend an evening!!

5-17-2014 10-26-08 AM 4-11-2014 11-21-38 PMr

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Joyride 3: Road Kill Trailer May 2nd, 2014

The official trailer for the J3 movie is now out and we get a couple glimpses of Kirsten in it.

5-1-2014 8-43-04 PM

5-1-2014 8-42-21 PM

5-1-2014 8-40-32 PM

5-1-2014 8-43-48 PM

Here is the link to the exclusive trailer posted by Fangoria:

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Social Nightmare on DVD as “Mother” April 24th, 2014

If you loved Kirsten in the TV movie Social Nightmare as much as we did, we have good news! The movie has been retitled “Mother” and can now be purchased on Amazon. The movie itself is enough reason to buy the DVD but you will love the gag reel that is included. We checked on Amazon Canada and they had a limited number of DVD’s available but Amazon in the U.S. seems to have quite a few. Check it out. We think you will love it!

social nightmare3r 4-23-2014 9-44-14 PM

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Renaissance Fair Pics April 21st, 2014

Kirsten shared some pics from a Renaissance Fair that she and @zeeironlion attended this weekend.  We think this may have been The Original Renaissance Faire that takes place in Irwindale, CA every weekend from April 5 thru May 18th.  It looks like she and @zeeironlion had a great time!

4-20-2014 10-19-54 AMrr

4-20-2014 10-20-14 AMrr

4-20-2014 10-19-35 AMrr

4-20-2014 10-25-48 AMrr


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Pics from Coachella April 13th, 2014

Kirsten and her friend @zeeironlion seem to be having a great time at Coachella. This is the second year in a row that they have attended the Lacoste Desert Pool party together. Coachella is a two weekend music and arts festival that takes place at the Empire Polo Club in the town of Indio, California which is in the Coachella Valley.  Here are two pics that they have shared from the event:

4-12-2014 7-55-35 PMr

4-12-2014 7-54-48 PMr

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