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Even Lambs Have Teeth Reunion March 11th, 2015

Kirsten reunited with her ELHT producer Adrian Salpeter in LA recently. Kirsten is one of the stars of Even Lambs Have Teeth which has completed filming and is now in post production. It sounds like a great role for Kirsten and we are eagerly waiting for its release. Adrian took this selfie with Kirsten and shared it on twitter.

3-11-2015 5-19-02 PMr

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Pic Of The Month March 1st, 2015

Do you know what Kirsten is looking so lovingly at in our picture of the month? It’s her sweet baby Stella of course!

3-1-2015 7-34-20 AMrr

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Beautiful Pic February 5th, 2015

We loved this picture that Kirsten shared on instagram so much that we decided to use it for
our February Picture of the Month. Isn’t she beautiful?

1-22-2015 9-52-38 PMr

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NYE Pic January 4th, 2015

Kirsten and @zeeironlion celebrated New Years Eve together and shared this pic of them toasting in the New Year!

1-3-2015 9-24-43 PMr

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Merry Christmas! December 24th, 2014

12-23-2014 11-28-32 PM

12-23-2014 11-26-57 PM

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Maholo Hawaii! November 10th, 2014

Kirsten and @zeeironlion bid farewell to Hawaii today and began their flight back to the United States.  They shared a few more pics before they left the island and here they are:

11-9-2014 10-10-04 PMr

11-7-2014 12-52-47 AMr

11-9-2014 10-10-52 PMr

11-9-2014 10-09-24 PMr

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Vacation Time! November 5th, 2014

After completing work on her latest movie, Even Lambs Have Teeth, Kirsten set off for Hawaii with her boyfriend @zeeironlion. We believe this is the second trip they have made to Hawaii since they have been together. They shared these pics on their instagram accounts. Hope they have a great time!

11-4-2014 8-50-40 PMrr

11-4-2014 8-49-12 PMrr

11-4-2014 8-50-08 PMr

11-4-2014 8-48-21 PMrr

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And That’s a Wrap! November 2nd, 2014

Halloween was the last day of shooting for Even Lambs Have Teeth, Kirsten’s newest film project. Judging from the tweets that the cast and crew shared from the set, it would seem that they all had a great time making this movie. Adrian Salpeter, @ASalpeter,one of the producers of the movie tweeted a picture of him with Kirsten and had this to say about her: #kirstenProut talented,professional,generous#star-list goes on!  We agree!!

There is still 6 days left in the fund raiser to help with post production costs of the film.  You can help Kirsten’s film make it to festivals where it will hopefully be picked up for distribution by donating and snagging yourself a great perk!  Check it out at indiegogo.com!

10-29-2014 7-11-36 PMrr

11-1-2014 9-29-14 PMrr

11-1-2014 9-31-01 PMrr

11-1-2014 9-33-35 PMr

11-1-2014 9-32-39 PMr

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More ELHT Set Pics October 22nd, 2014

Kirsten and her co-stars shared more photos on instagram and twitter today. This film looks like it is going to be soooooo good!  They still need help with funds to finish the film.  Please check out Even Lambs Have Teeth on indiegogo.com and contribute whatever you can.  They have only raised $1340 of the $9500 that they need.  Donate a little and grab yourself an amazing perk like a signed photo of Kirsten, a DVD of the movie, a signed shooting script with Kirsten’s and her co-star’s signatures and other great perks!  Time is running out.  Only 17 more days to grab one of these great perks and to show support for Kirsten’s latest film!

10-21-2014 10-51-07 PM2r

10-21-2014 10-48-45 PM2r

10-21-2014 10-56-39 PM2r

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“Even Lambs Have Teeth” Needs Your Help! October 19th, 2014

While @randombench has the funds to film the movie, they need additional finances to cover the costs of music, post production and film festival submissions. Some of Kirsten’s long time fans have already donated to the fund raiser including HarryB,  @KeithAshley78 and one of her biggest fans @ZeeIronLion.  Other fans of Kirsten’s that have contributed or have said that they plan to donate are @ZakFeasey and @JustCatchDemi. Thanks to these fans for supporting this project which stars our favorite actress!

Currently the fundraiser has only raised $1040 of the needed $9500.  They are offering some great perks if you will donate and perks start at the $10 level.  For a $30 donation they will mail you a DVD or BluRay copy of the movie.  You know you want to see Kirsten in this movie.  Why not donate $30 and guarantee that you will own your very own copy of ELHT?!  Check out all the great perks they have available by clicking on this ELHT link.  We bet there is more than one that you will really want!

We know Kirsten, as well as the rest of the cast and crew, would really appreciate your donation no matter how much or how little you can spare.  Let’s all pitch in to help make this film a reality!

10-14-2014 7-41-14 PM

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